Saturday, 17 November 2012

Rockets fired by Palestinian resistance exceeds daily average fired in July War

By Amal Saad-Ghorayeb

Just to put things in perspective, in July 2006 Hizbullah fired around 4000 rockets in 30 days, an average of 133 rockets per day. In 4 days, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others have fired a total of over 700 rockets, which is an average of over 175 rockets per day. That is not to mention the anti-aircraft missiles, possible abduction of soldiers and anti-tank missiles, or Hamas’ advances in psych ops (threats to residents of Israeli cities, its new Twitter account etc.) and its electronic warfare. Is it any wonder then that the US and Arab states are rushing to extricate Israel from this mess it got itself into while Israel is clearly hesitant to drag its ground forces into an even bigger mess?  

Our dream is becoming reality. Israel is dying. It may be a slow painful death, but it’s dying.

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  1. Lizzie.

    I've found you through a fluke of researching Gadaffi who I always believed was a nutter based on Western Propoganda.

    From spending 60-70hrs worth of research since accidentally falling across some youtube website it has broken my heart but been massively impressed with your contribution.

    It's made me feel alive for the first time in years and I want to help.

    Keep up the good work.