Monday, 6 February 2012



By Lizzie Phelan

JANZOUR, TRIPOLI - The Misrata Brigade have begun shooting at and attacking civilians in a  refugee camp in Janzour containing approximately 1,500 refugees from the now obliterated town of Tawergha, close to Misrata. The area surrounding the camp has been closed off by the brigade preventing any help from reaching the refugees.

Doctors in Central Tripoli Hospital have confirmed that they have already received the bodies of one man and one woman from the camp.

Residents in Tripoli, including the Tawerghan community outside of the camp who are unable to help their fellow countrymen, are pleading with the international community to spread awareness about the attack and to stop the attack which is continuing at this moment.

The racist crimes committed by the Misrata Brigade against the town of Tawergha, which is mainly populated by Black Libyans, has been well documented by international human rights organisations and and the global mainstream media. They are infamous for scrawling on the walls on the road to Tawergha, that they, the Misrata brigade are "the brigade for the purging of the skins of slaves, Black skins."

Under the protection of NATO bombing which obliterated any attempts by the Tawerghan people and Libyan military to defend themselves and the town, the Misrata brigade racially cleansed the entire town of between 30,000 in Tawergha in line with their motto that "there is no Tawergha, only Misrata". Indeed Tawergha as it historically was, no longer exists.

Many people fled at the time to the safety of Tripoli which was still under the control of the Jamahiriyah government, where they found refuge in peoples homes and refugee camps and were being swiftly rehoused by the former government. 

Since NATO bombed the rebels into Tripoli in late August, there has been a systematic policy by the rebels of persecuting those refugees and anyone who defends them.

More updates to follow.


  1. Ah, the humanity. The world stood by and watched while hundreds of thousands of Rwandans were killed, this won't even make the news. Jesus wept.

  2. Obama, Hillary, Cameron and Sarkozy have blood on the hands of many thousands of Africans and the UN, and Nato have murdered many Africans in the name of oil. The Western media started the racist propaganda against Black Libyans and the world ignored these killings by racist rebels and their leaders.

    Gaddafi is not criminal here; NTC, US, France and the UK government should be charged with crimes against humanity. Obama, Hillary, Cameron and Sarkozy should be put in prison for their evil agenda against Libyan freedom!

  3. Lizzie, good reporting! Also, hope to have you on the AfriSynergy program in the near future.

    Stay strong and continue promoting the truth.

    T. West

  4. And some idiots really believed and still believe the Nato intervention in Libya was to protect civilians,how ignorant people are to the facts